Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I had two extractions on Friday, 1/6. Leading up, I was terribly anxious never having had an extraction, concerned with the procedure itself, and the post-experience. After pleasantly greeted and roomed by Hillary, I was immediately calmed by explaining what to expect the entire visit and answering all my questions thoroughly. McKenzie joined us and we chatted about running (I am a runner, too) and laughed a bit (the nitrous helped!) When Dr. Farren entered the room, he, too, put me at ease. The procedure was underwhelming in that there was literally no discomfort, pressure, or unusual sounds. Hillary was beside me rubbing my arm to further comfort me at what I assume was some "wiggling" to loosen the tooth. Again, would never have known, though! To my surprise, it took minutes to complete both extractions and was walking out the door just over an hour after arriving. My worry about post procedure was for nothing. I experienced no pain/discomfort, swelling, or bruising. I followed all the post instructions and have had no complications. I had one minor concern two weeks post, but after speaking with Melissa, was nothing to speak of. I have been telling people that I felt as though I was visiting friends and just happened to have two teeth extracted. Extraordinary staff! I have been sharing my positive experience with all those who may require oral surgery procedures. Thank you all! Especially, Hillary, McKenzie, Dr. Farren, and Melissa. Best- Marc Secor

- Marc S

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